Privacy policy

At RaadSense we know that how your personal information is used is important to you. This document describes our privacy policy. Our aim in providing it is both to give you an understanding of how we may use this information and, we hope, give you some reassurance that we will not 'do anything bad' with it.
Our guiding principle when it comes to collecting and using your information is to not do anything with it which we would feel uncomfortable with if it was our own information or that of our families. We understand that you are trusting us with this information and we will do our best not to abuse this trust.

What information do we collect and how do we use it?
In particular we collect your name and phone number as they are fundamental to the mechanism used to connect you with others in our social network.
We may pass on any information we have on you in order to comply with the law or where it is necessary to protect our rights.
In addition, our software may send anonymous information about your system to our web-servers or to trusted third party web-servers.
Wait, what? You're sending my information to third parties?
We use specialist third party services to help support our business. However, these are all services we believe to be reputable and trustworthy. We DO NOT and NEVER intend to sell your information to any third party.
For instance, we may use a third party service to provide crash analytics. If our software crashes, information pertaining to the crash is sent to a web-server where we can access it. This information is extremely useful to us, not only in that it helps us establish the cause of the crash, but also in that without it we may be unaware there is a problem at all.
We also use services such as Google Analytics and TapStream for sales and marketing purposes. These services record anonymous information which may be used to measure the effectiveness of various marketing strategies.
We may also collect and use information on data which you choose to share publicly. For example, if you chose to use our Smoovie software to publicly publish a video to Vimeo, we may publish a link to this video from our website.

What about cookies?
Browsers may store small blocks of information, cookies, on a user's computer which are sent back to the server whenever the user returns to that website. Like most modern websites, our websites may use cookies to help improve the user experience. You may prevent this by changing your browser settings to refuse cookies before visiting any of our sites. However, if you do so you should be aware that some services may not work as you'd expect.

Changes to this document
It may be necessary to update this policy from time to time. We are unlikely (and in most cases unable) to email you directly in the event of such a change, so you should check our website at regular intervals to keep abreast of any changes.